Hooray Tax Day! Hooray Tax Day!

Hooray Tax Day!

by Daniel Riley

April 17, 2008

Just kidding. Unless you're you're a tax adviser (congrats, take a vacation), April 15 sucks. But over at Salon, they're making future Tax Days a little less suckier-at least for freelancers.

Catherine Price-a veteran self-employed writer-lays out some guidelines that make the devilishly complicated process a little less painful. Among her suggestions: set up a bank account for business cash flow; pay your taxes quarterly (so that you aren't charged interest); open an IRA; and-no matter how much it hurts-get yourself some health insurance (just like we suggested in our November/December issue).

No doubt Sara Horowitz and the Freelancers Union-who we profiled in our January /February issue (and who receive an appreciative nod from Price)-are proud.

Via Salon
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Hooray Tax Day!