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Horrifying Video of Libyan Mercenaries Demands International Action

Ugly new video footage has emerged from the depths of Libya. It demands action from the international community.


If you needed more evidence that the situation in Libya has devolved into all out chaos, look no further than this frightening video. According to the description on YouTube, it depicts "mercenaries" sponsored by the Libyan government (the people in the yellow hats) perpetrating a full-scale assault on a neighborhood in Bengazhi last Thursday. Since then, things have gotten even worse.

Four-decade dictator Muammar Gaddafi said in a rambling speech yesterday that he is prepared to die as a martyr and that, if protesters calling for his resignation do not stand down, "everything will burn." For days now he's been making good on those kinds of threatening promises, ordering the air force to bomb civilians and sending troops into violent clashes with the demonstrations.

Gaddafi's attacks have gotten so out of hand, in fact, that his own ministers have begun resigning from his administration. Following Gaddafi's speech on Tuesday, Libya's interior minister quit:

Ex-Interior Minister Abdul Fattah Younis al Abidi told CNN that he resigned Monday after hearing that some 300 unarmed civilians had been killed in Benghazi during the prior two to three days. He accused Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi of planning to attack civilians on a wide scale.


The U.N. Security Council has also called for civility from Gaddafi, but he appears to be digging in his heels. After his resignation, Abidi called Gaddafi "stubborn," and said the dictator will "either commit suicide or he will get killed."

Regardless of how Gaddafi's stopped, it needs to happen soon. This is a text message sent by an economist in Libya to India's Telegraph newspaper: "Please write in the press. We’re being slaughtered here... india needs to speak up. the libyan ambassador to india resigned cuz of these atrocities, God be with Libya."

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