Airbnb Is Working With New York Residents to Offer Sandy Victims Free Housing

Over 100,000 people are still stranded by Hurricane Sandy. Airbnb partnered with the City of New York to connect those in need to open housing.

We've been overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of the Airbnb community in response to Hurricane Sandy. Airbnb has seen nearly 2500 last-minute bookings for affected areas. That's more than 4000 guests given shelter. Hundreds of those bookings came from people who live in the affected areas who needed a place to stay.

We need to do even more.

There are thousands more people in need of shelter. And there are still thousands of people with extra space. It's time to come together.

Yesterday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a partnership with Airbnb to help connect victims of Super Storm Sandy with much-needed housing.

The Airbnb community has already spontaneously come together to provide discounted places to stay for people in need.

Now, in order to provide relief to as many people in need as possible, Airbnb is joining with the City of New York to help connect those in need with people who are able to provide free housing. Yesterday morning, we announced that Airbnb hosts in Hurricane Sandy–affected areas can now offer their space for free.