Video Shows Common Misunderstandings Hearing People Have About The Deaf

Just say, ‘hello!”

Language is a huge barrier between those that can hear and the deaf community. Many people who hear are uncomfortable approaching deaf people because they aren’t sure how to communicate. But just like everyone else, members of the deaf community are eager to connect with others and be social. That’s why filmmaker Sarah Snow created a video that explains to hearing people what the deaf community would like them to understand about them to help bridge the gap.

Snow asked deaf people to share some of the most common misunderstandings hearing people have about them. Snow’s goal is to open “up many eyes and starts to break down some of the stigma around what it means to be deaf,” she says. The video makes a beautiful point in saying that most deaf people are “perfectly happy being who we are,” but with a little understanding, hearing people can make their lives better. “Most of the time, our struggles are in society occur when other people make it difficult for us,” the video says.

Here are some great tips for improving your communication with deaf people.