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Don’t Let Social Anxiety Stop You From Calling Your State Representatives

Let this cartoon help you overcome your fears and reach out

Image via Pexels

We hear it all the time in progressive circles: Reach out, call your representatives, and let them know you won’t stand for Trump’s hate-fueled tactics. Sure, you probably want to do all of these things, but what if the thought of calling a stranger terrifies you? For many, this is a legitimate fear that becomes all the more frustrating during times that require immediate action and engagement.

Illustrator Cordelia McGee-Tubb understands that struggle, and recently published a cartoon strip to help guide those with anxiety through the process. As she writes on her blog, Echo Through the Fog,

“When you struggle with your mental health on a daily basis, it can be hard to take action on the things that matter most to you. The mental barriers anxiety creates often appear insurmountable. But sometimes, when you really need to, you can break those barriers down. This week, with encouragement from some great people on the internet, I pushed against my anxiety and made some calls to members of our government.”

Helpful internet person and former congressional staffer Emily Ellsworth points out that voicing our concerns is key to instigating real change and phone calls are a big part of that. No matter what your comfort level is (let’s be honest, we’re all fed up with humanity these days), there are concrete ways we can all make a difference.

Keep scrolling to see the informative illustrations for yourself and check in at the bottom for links to useful resources.

Need to find the contact information for your local representatives? Head here. To contact your state senators, head here.

Are you interested in faxing a letter but haven’t seen a fax machine since 1998? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can send a fax online.

And if you’re able to make several phone calls on a number of important issues, here are some scripts to guide you on everything from healthcare to climate change.

All images courtesy of Cordelia McGee-Tubb.

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