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How To Watch Monday’s Presidential Debate No Matter Where You Are

You’re officially out of excuses

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As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare for the first presidential debate, the gravity of this election becomes all the more real. If you’re eligible to vote this election season or simply want a front row seat to American history, you’ll want to tune in this Monday for the year’s most anticipated political event.

Hosted by the bipartisan organization, Commission on Presidential Debates, this first debate will take place at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, and air on CNN at 9:00 p.m. EST on Monday, September 26. And, while not everyone has cable (or a TV for that matter), you’ll still have several opportunities to watch the full, 90-minute event live and without commercials (for the most part anyway).

Here are the ways you can watch the debate no matter where you are:


Obviously, this is the easiest option if you have cable. Though for those without TVs, you can watch the debate just as easily on your laptop using CNNGo. Additionally, CNN Politics will have a live blog with up-to-the-minute analysis of the debate as it unfolds (or unravels).


For social media lovers, this may be the simplest option. Thanks to a partnership with Bloomberg Media, Twitter will live stream the debate and provide 30 minutes of political coverage before and after. Let’s not forget you’ll have all the insane, hilarious, and poignant reactions at your fingertips as well.


Like Twitter, Facebook will be streaming the debate with a little help from ABC News. In addition, Facebook and ABC will host two hours of extra programming before the debate as well as live streams of watch parties across the country.


YouTube may top all the social media outlets in terms of debate coverage thanks to partnerships with three news outlets—PBS, Telemundo, and The Washington Post—and its #voteIRL campaign to get young Americans to vote.

Pretty Much Any News Website

According to the Commission on Presidential Debates, just about every news website of your choosing will be streaming Monday’s presidential debate live. We’re talking about ABC News, Buzzfeed News, CBS News, CNN, C-SPAN, The Daily Caller, Fox News, Hulu, The Huffington Post, NBC, PBS, Politico, Telemundo, The Wall Street Journal, and UnivisionYahoo. It would be worthwhile to point out that most of these sites have mobile apps so you can watch from your phone, too.

Your Mom’s XFINITY Login

If either of your parents or a considerate friend or relative has an XFINITY login, then good news. You can watch the debate via your computer or Apple TV by logging in to My XFINITY and watching just about any news channel in real time.

Sports Bars

Because this is America after all. Pick a place with lots of TVs and if the debate isn’t already on, kindly ask the bar manager to change the channel. We can’t guarantee you won’t run into a few inebriated Gary Johnson fanatics or depressed Bernie Bros, but at least you’ll have the option of drowning your frustrations in endless hot wings.

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