Here’s All Of Human Existence Explained In A Simple Cartoon

It took 125,000 generations to get here

If you’ve ever wanted to feel really, really, small think of this: Your time on Earth represents just 0.001 percent of human history.

Stop for a minute and name your parents. Now your grandparents. Impress us even further; What were your great grandparents names? Great-great grand parents?

If you can toss out even those names we’d be shocked. We’d be even more so if you could name the 125,000 generations of humans it took to make you.

In a new video by YouTuber Kurzgesagt we are introduced to the whole of humanity in just 10 short minutes.

From the earliest humans, through the birth of agriculture and civilization, all the way to the modern internet age, a lot has had to happen for you to become you. Sit back, relax and appreciate your ancestor’s ability to hunt, gather, create fire, discover planets, build factories and bring you the latest iPhone.