IBM GOODCo Nominee: Finceramica IBM GOODCo Nominee: Finceramica

IBM GOODCo Nominee: Finceramica

January 21, 2012

IBM, GOOD's partner in the search for the most innovative and responsible medium-sized companies, selected Finceramica, a biotech company from Faenza, Italy, as a finalist in the GOOD Company Project.

Finceramica was inspired by the traditional Italian pottery of Faenza to create a bio-ceramic that can be used as a prosthesis inside the human body. The Science and Technology Institute of Ceramics began research on the project in 1990 and later collaborated with Finceramica to develop bone implants that imitate the chemistry and structure of human bone. More than two decades later, the company is working to make these implants accessible to doctors everywhere. A new web platform allows real-time discussion between surgeons, prosthesis producers, and distributors, allowing for a highly collaborative process, plus faster production and delivery.

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IBM GOODCo Nominee: Finceramica