IBM GOODCo Nominee: Gewandhaus Gruber IBM GOODCo Nominee: Gewandhaus Gruber

IBM GOODCo Nominee: Gewandhaus Gruber

January 6, 2012

IBM, GOOD's partner in the search for the most innovative and responsible medium-sized companies, selected German fashion retailer Gewandhaus Gruber as a finalist for the GOODCo Project. 

Originally established 355 years ago in Bavaria as a tailoring shop, Gewandhaus Gruber has stayed relevant in the fast-paced world of fashion through its commitment to a cutting-edge customer experience. The company's latest innovation is a customer rewards program that uses fingerprint technology to distribute savings and rewards. Customers scan their finger at the register to pay for their purchases without cards or cash, plus they instantly earn loyalty points and discounts.

Check out the video to learn how this cost-efficient technology gives the midsized business an edge over larger fashion competitors.

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IBM GOODCo Nominee: Gewandhaus Gruber