In-Formed: Visualizations Get Tactile

The self-described "comprehensivist" (read: multimedia artist-and-designer) Nadeem Haidary had the bright idea to design physical objects as data visualizations made manifest. He calls the project In-Formed.The fork pictured here, for example, has prongs whose lengths correspond to the (average daily?) calories per capita in four countries.And the faucet below has a separate transparent compartment that slowly fills up as long as water is flowing, showing you how much you use. He also has designs for plates that are sized according to different countries' diets and a trash can that slumps over as you fill it up.

GOOD is big on graphic visualizations but a nice thing about Haidary's work is that it provides reminders about relevant statistics right when you need them. That means they could really affect behavior (if his stuff were actually available, of course, which it's not).Via PSFK.