15 Stunning Photos Of The Universe That Will Leave You In Awe

Here are the winners from this year’s exhibition at the Royal Observatory Greenwich

Winners have been announced for the annual photography exhibition hosted by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, and the results are beyond stunning. Chinese photographer Yu Jun’s mesmerizing photo, “Baily’s Beads,” won the Sun category as well as the overall competition, taking home a grand prize of £10,000. According to The Guardian, this stunning visual effect happens as a result of the moon passing over the sun, allowing beads of light to poke through in some places. By taking a series of photos and stacking them on top of one another with computer software, Yu Jun was able to show the total effect for one prize-winning image.

View the most gorgeous images from the competition organized by category below.

Our Sun

Winner. "Baily's Beads" by Yu Jun

Runner up. "Sun Flower Corona," Catalin Beldea and Alson Wong

Our Moon

Winner. "From Maurolycus to Moretus" by Jordi Delpeix Borrell


Winner. “Twilight Aurora” by György Soponyai

Runner up. “Black and White Aurora” by Kolbein Svensson

People And Space

Winner. “City Lights” by Wing Ka Ho

Runner up. "Man on the Moon" by Dani Caxete

Highly Commended. "A Wise Son Makes a Glad Father" by Robin Stuart


Winner. "Binary Haze" by Ainsley Bennett


Winner. "M94: Deep Space Halo" by Nicolas Outters

Stars and Nebulae

Winner. "The Rainbow Star" by Steve Brown

Runner up. "Perseus Molecular Cloud" by Pavel Pech

Young Astronomy Photographer Of The Year

Winner. "Lunar Reversal" by Brendan Devine, aged 15

Highly Commended. "Northumbrian Aurora" by Jonathan Farooqi, aged 15

[new_image position="standard large" id="null"]Highly Commended. "Just Missed the Bullseye" by Scott Carnie-Bronca, aged 14[/new_image]

Best Newcomer

Winner. "Large Magellanic Cloud" by Carlos Fairbairn

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