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A Virtual Gallery Sells You Instagram Prints for Charity

Photographers offer up prints of their mobile photos for INSTANT.

Instagram photo by INSTANT co-founder Alan Gastelum, available to purchase in limited-edition print.

Instagram is often an endless scroll through your friends’ lunch photos, landscape photos that look like Microsoft screensavers, and grainy, broken cameraphone selfies. But once in a while you scroll past a photo you wish you could print out and hang above the fainting couch in your boudoir (because you are a 19th-century countess in this scenario, obviously).

Now, a collective of photographers and creative professionals from around the world, called INSTANT, are putting their beautiful Instagram shots up for sale—and half the proceeds go to charity. Each participating artist selects five photographs from their Instagram account, which people can buy in limited-edition prints off the site. Each month, INSTANT selects a charity to which they will donate the proceeds—this month, that organization is Doctors of the World.

“I was introduced to Doctors of the World, and saw how they have doctors all over the world helping people in need of medical attention from the result of all different kinds of disasters,” says INSTANT co-founder Alan Gastelum. “We chose to partner with them to help a wider range of people in need, including Syrian refugees.”

The collective includes Instagram heavyweights like Ike Edeani, whose shots depict everyday life in New York City, and Magdalena Wosinska, whose staged self-portraits depict her in scenic locales around the world. The gallery also features a guest artist each month, who will put up a single photograph available to print. This month it’s soul/folk singer Cat Power, who’s selling a photo she took of the purple-pink sky framed by a dark window.

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