Intermission: Devastating Photos of the East Coast Earthquake

Yesterday's 5.9 tremor felt throughout the Eastern Seaboard certainly left a lot of lawn furniture in distress.

GOOD is based in California, where earthquakes come and go practically like the tides, so we got a bit of a kick out of the excitement and terror caused by yesterday's minor East Coast quake. Certainly the shake was unexpected. But at only 5.9 on the Richter scale, the situation was less than dire. As this woman tweeted, "I've had orgasms bigger than that tremor."

After quickly making sure everything and everyone was alright, it wasn't long before Easterners themselves joined in on the jokes. Yesterday's quake caused more Twitter traffic than Osama bin Laden's death, and our favorite tweets were those highlighting pictures of the tremor's "devastation." As you can see from the crooked picture and downed yogurt cup, it was madness.

For lots more photos of the quake's horrific damage, check out Buzzfeed.