Intermission: Light Up the Castle Intermission: Light Up the Castle

Intermission: Light Up the Castle

by Nina Lincoff

October 29, 2011

Talk about lighting up a party. With 3D animation techniques blossoming in the last decade, 3D projection mapping has undergone a recent revival. Utilizing massive projectors, computer-based animation, and existing architecture, projection mapping can turn any building into a living light sculpture. It’s an architectural facelift like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Seeper, an arts and technology collective based in East London, took over the Branchage castle at the Branchage Film Festival in 2009, lighting up the walls with an outpouring of shapes, colors, and movement. Blocks pour out of the windows, walls expand and unravel, and perspective is continuously altered. Ultimately, it’s a remarkable combination of medieval architecture and modern technology. It’s a battle unlike any seen before at Branchage—a battle of lights.

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Intermission: Light Up the Castle