Intermission: Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls

"Shit White Girls Say ... to Black Girls" discards cheap racist, sexist jokes in favor of self-aware comedy about sexism and racism.

When "Shit Girls Say" launched last month, it authorized male comics to poke fun at feminine communication ("Could you pass me that blanket?"). "Shit Black Girls Say" followed close behind ("Ooh, Basketball Wives is on!"). Today, Franchesca Ramsey valiantly subverts the meme with "Shit White Girls Say... to Black Girls." Instead of parodying white girls or black girls, Ramsey takes down a more compelling satirical target: Racists.

Donning a blonde wig, Ramsey deploys a series of casually racist bon mots like "Why isn't there a White Entertainment Television?," "Why is my computer acting so ghetto?," and "Do you know a Tyrone Jenkins? He just requested me. I dunno, he's black?"

The video has already solicited strong reactions from white girls. Some of them are fueling material for a sequel: "so rasist," one responds. "If white girl would do that everybody would complained. waste of time :(" But others have gotten the message: "This gave me a bit of a smack upside the head," another viewer says. "Thanks for giving me some perspective, and I'm definitely going to think more before I speak from now on."

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