Introducing GOOD 027: The Migration Issue

Off the map: It's where we're going.

Welcome to GOOD 027: The Migration Issue!

In it, we go from point A to B to back again. We don't just travel, we shift our perspective. We relocate. We migrate.

We find out what happens after people are deported. We profile a man who takes crazy ideas and tries to make them real. We look at the longtime residents of a part of the county we mostly associate with transience. We reinvent ourselves from small-town Midwesterners to big-city dwellers. We cheer for a boxer who takes class warfare beyond the ring. We visit the classrooms where the children of migrant workers learn. We follow former exiles back to their home countries, where democracy is taking root. We meet a family that has made its home on a bus. And we visualize the migratory patterns of humans all over the world.

Keep it moving, bounce. Let the table of contents be your guide.