Is It Cheaper to Be Vegan, Vegetarian, or a Meat Eater?

A day's worth of meals for a vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, and a meat eater: tallied and compared, by price.

Here's an interesting chart from LearnVest that breaks down the daily costs, in dollars and cents, of different diets: meat eaters, pescetarians, vegetarians, and vegans. According to their tallying, vegans have the least expensive diets, and meat eaters have the priciest, which certainly flies in the face of the arguments that vegetarianism is a choice limited to the hippie fringes and the bourgeoisie.

I like the message, but I take issue with some of the numbers. For instance, I don't know where they are getting their yogurt, and I know New York is expensive and everything, but I can't find a single serving of healthy yogurt for 80 cents anywhere I do my groceries, and a tuna cheddar melt for just over a buck seems unrealistic. There are a few other prices that had me scratching my head, but overall this is an interesting look at food prices that goes against the conventional wisdom that healthier, and more vegetarian diets necessarily cost more.