Girl Scout cookies, everyone knows, are a unique American pleasure. We all love them, crave them, and are thankful to our mothers for stockpiling them for us whenever a seller comes around. But part of the charm is the "whenever a seller comes around" bit-you can't impulse buy them the way you would a box of Oreos. They're a treat. You have to wait for them. Or else you used to have to wait for them. Now, you can just go to Walmart?According to reports, Walmart has started selling cheaper, mass-market versions of Thin Mints and Tagalongs (minus the money going to charity part), which means you can get them any time you fancy. It also means you're maybe shafting an already financially strapped little girl's group out of a primary source of income.So is the giant retailer totally screwing over the Girl Scouts? We'll withhold judgment until we're able to do a blind taste test of the cookies and see if, indeed, Walmart's are anywhere near as good. But in the mean time, if you happen upon a Girl Scout selling cookies, load up, would you?Via Jeffrey Goldberg's blog. Image via