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The Three Progressive Issues Ivanka Is Trying To Change Trump’s Mind On

A new report claims the first daughter wants to be her dad’s “climate czar”

Donald Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka might end up being the most influential presidential daughter in history and her Dad hasn’t even been sworn into office. And she might be the last hope for progressives still in shock over the Republican takeover of the federal government.

That’s because a new report from Politico says that Ivanka wants to become President Trump’s “climate czar,” effectively shifting Donald’s views on climate change toward a more reasonable ground.

“The issues she’s talking about are ones she’s always talked about,” a source close to her told Politico. “These are totally consistent with what she’s developed with her brand. She is playing a critical role in being able to have issues that moderate and liberal women care about — and creating a bridge to the other side.”

But Ivanka has made it clear that her own agenda extends beyond the environment. She’s publicly stated that she plans to continue lobbying her father and other White House officials on the issues of equal pay and paid family leave. During the campaign, she appeared at an event where Trump announced his own family leave act that while decidedly short of Hillary Clinton’s own proposal was nonetheless by far the most progressive to come from a Republican.

Unfortunately, not everyone is quite so hopeful, arguing that while Ivanka talks a good game, there’s no hard evidence yet that she can actually sway her Dad’s policies toward a more moderate center.

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