Jeff Antebi's "Haiti Before 1.12.10" Comes to Los Angeles

"I'm drawn to Haiti. There's something in the mystery that compels me." —Jeff Antebi
Back in January, we featured the work of the photographer Jeff Antebi, whose images of Haiti before the devastating earthquake captured both the beauty and the poverty of the Caribbean nation through snippets of the everyday. We're pleased to write that an exhibit featuring his work will take place from April 25 to May 9 at Creative Photography Workshops, which is across the street from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (the exhibition is curated by LACMA's Edward Robinson, and proceeds benefit International Medical Corps). If you were as moved as we were by the Picture Show, you should definitely check it out. Details are below.
Curated by Edward Robinson, LACMA
April 25 to May 9, 2010
Opening Reception
Saturday, April 24, 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Special Exhibition Hosted by KCRW's Garth Trinidad and
Saturday, May 1
6020 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
(310) 839-8866
Here's Antebi's GOOD profile.

Some beauty pageants, like the Miss America competition, have done away with the swimsuit portions of the competitions, thus dipping their toes in the 21st century. Other aspects of beauty pageants remain stuck in the 1950s, and we're not even talking about the whole "judging women mostly on their looks" thing. One beauty pageant winner was disqualified for being a mom, as if you can't be beautiful after you've had a kid. Now she's trying to get the Miss World competition to update their rules.

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