Jill Stein Raised More For Recounts Than Her Own Campaign

Where is all that cash going?

What’s up with Jill Stein? The erstwhile presidential candidate infuriated some Democrats hoping to minimize the impact of minor parties on Hillary Clinton’s White House campaign, then set progressive hearts aflutter with a late fundraising campaign to secure ballot recounts in several of the Rust Belt states Clinton lost to Trump, sometimes by razor-thin margins.

But now, Stein’s shuttering the effort. Although Wisconsin granted a second look at its election results, Pennsylvania won’t do the same: Green party insurgents missed the Keystone State’s recount filing deadline. That wipes out the challengers’ last-ditch hopes for a Trump loss – and leaves Stein, somewhat amazingly, with more money than she raised for her own campaign.

“She’s within striking distance of her goal of $7 million and has far exceeded the $3.5 million she raised during her presidential campaign,” Time reported. “$6.3 million to recount the vote in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, according to her campaign website.” Stein’s apparent inability to hit the magic $7 million number appeared to forestall any success in pulling off a Pennsylvania upset.

That leaves just one more organized effort to bar the White House door to Trump. Some activists want to convince enough electors to bail on the president-elect to force a vote in the House of Representatives – where, they imagine, a compromise candidate could get the win.

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