Twitter Reacts To Donald Trump’s ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

He treated Trump like a beloved uncle

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How could anyone be mad at Jimmy Fallon? He’s America’s goofy little brother known for fawning over guests and playing beer pong with celebrities. But last night, on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the NBC late-night host had Republican presidential nominee Donald Tump on his show and threw him nothing but softballs. Fallon did everything he could to humanize a man who’s provoked bigotry, sexism, and violence.

Although late-night talk show hosts aren’t supposed to do the job of hard-hitting journalists, Fallon treated Trump more like a beloved uncle than a fear-mongering bigot. Here are just a few of the easy, non-confrontational questions Fallon lobbed at The Donald.

—This is getting real. You still have time, do you still want to do this?

—There’s kids watching at home right now... Why should they want to grow up and be president?

—Did you always see yourself getting into politics?

—Do you think your business background helps you with campaigning?

—Hillary getting sick, you handled that very well, saying you hoped she gets better. Have you gotten close to getting sick this whole campaign?

—How do you not get sick from shaking all those hands?

—You’re from Queens?

—Could I mess your hair up?

Then Fallon petted Trump’s hair like he would a harmless puppy dog. Ahhhh isn’t he cute? How could he possibly deport eleven million undocumented immigrants, punish women for having abortions, torture people, and execute the families of terrorists?

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Here’s how David Letterman handled trump.

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