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Twitter Can’t Get Enough Of Joe Biden As A Lifeguard

“Dear Joe Biden, the entire country needs a lifeguard.”

Joe Biden via Twitter

55 years ago, before he stepped into politics, former Vice President Joe Biden worked another job that helped his community — he was a lifeguard. Back in 1962, the Scranton, Pennsylvania, native took a job in Wilmington, Delaware, to broaden his perspectives on race by working as a lifeguard in a predominantly African-American community. “I wanted to get more involved,” Biden said in a statement. “I’d turn on the television and I’d see and listen to Dr. [Martin Luther] King and others, but I didn’t know any black people. So, I wanted to work here.”

As the only white lifeguard at the Prices Run Pool at the time, Biden says his co-workers “treated me as an equal,” but he learned some valuable lessons that would later shape his views as a politician. On Monday, Biden was honored by the pool he once guarded. Its name was officially changed to the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Aquatic Center. At the ceremony, Biden hopped back onto his old lifeguard station, but this time, he was decked out in a suit and his signature sunglasses.

Given the fend-for-yourself ethos of the Trump administration, many Twitter users couldn’t help but remember the good ol’ days when Biden looked out for all of America. Biden was instrumental in saving lives through the passage of the Affordable Care Act and with his long-standing efforts to end violence against women.


Some people just laughed at the idea of a lifeguard in a suit.


While others couldn’t miss the similarity between Biden and Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”


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