Jon Stewart's Cribs: Teachers Edition Exposes Lavish Lifestyles

Heard that teachers get paid too much and barely work at all? The Daily Show host takes us on an MTV-style journey inside their lavish lifestyles.

Jon Stewart has been on a roll lately pointing out the hypocritical scapegoating of public school teachers, and last night's episode of The Daily Show was no exception. The show debuted a new MTV-style series Cribs: Teacher Edition that spotlights the lavish lifestyle of "the real villains, the teachers, who so cavalierly drain Wisconsin and America dry."

In the clip above correspondent Samantha Bee heads to the homes of two seriously ballin' New York City teachers, Beth Henry and Barbara Kay. These teachers are living so large, at one point Bee exclaims, "Where am I, Neverland Ranch?" You'll be shocked by the $20 buy-one-get-one-free bling owned by these two "greedy chalk-dusting succubi."