Jon Stewart Slams Fox News for Scapegoating Teachers

This Stewart fellow is really, really good at pointing out hypocrisy.

Chalk it up to his mom being an educator. Jon Stewart was in rare form last night as he skewered the non-stop scapegoating of public school teachers by contrasting it to the media's (especially Fox News') fawning coverage of Wall Street.

Stewart satirically showed multiple instances where reporters, talking heads and politicians demand sacrifices from teachers and other public employees in tough economic times, but don't ask the same from Wall Street types. The double-standard was especially poignant in one clip when a Fox reporter pointed out that teachers aren't paid as much as people on Wall Street because they don't work as hard and they have summers off.

Stewart's reply? "Regardless of the greed based, almost slightly sociopathic 'job' the bankers did wrecking our economy, those people were there every single day, 12 months a year, not that nine month bullshit!"

He went on to add

We the taxpayers have a right to cut [teachers] salaries and benefits—they work for us! Bankers are not suckling from the taxpayer's teat...except of course for the billions of gallons of taxpayer bailout teat milk they supped on so voraciously.


One thing Stewart didn't suggest—since teachers are bringing down such amazing salaries and living large off their health care and retirement benefits, shouldn't the Wall Streeters start changing careers?