Canadian Leader Justin Trudeau Just Did 3 Things Trump Would Never Do In A Million Years

#1: Get inside a kayak

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By now, we’ve seen Justin Trudeau in various states of undress—from his jog through the park in short shorts to his shirtless appearance at a beach wedding. His charm, however, has been consistently through the roof. Such was the case on Monday, when Canadians spotted Trudeau kayaking in Ontario for World Environment Day.

Trudeau paddled up to fellow citizens, made small talk, and flirted with local business owners, all while talking about the importance of facing climate change head on. On Monday, local resident Carrie Robinson shared a video on Twitter of the prime minister chatting with her parents about global warming, while also joking about being at work on the water. The video has since been retweeted roughly 30,000 times and has received more than 110,000 likes.

While it’s easy to picture Trump on a golf course, it’s hard to imagine our president 1) plopping into a kayak, 2) flexing his biceps, and 3) going out of his way to speak to people about confronting the reality of climate change.

In a statement released after his jaunt on the Niagara River, the Canadian prime minister said, “The future is still bright for those who have the courage to confront hard truths, and the confidence to stay the course.” He added that, “Canada will not back down from its commitment to fight climate change.” In what was likely an allusion to America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, he said, “We are not alone. Around the world, nearly every country is on our side. Inaction is not an option. We can't walk away from the reality of climate change.”

It seems fans from around the world agree and would be happy to have Trudeau paddle to their house any day of the week.

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