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A Fourth-Grader Made A Convincing Handwritten Pitch Explaining Why NASA Should Hire Him

He may be young, but he’s got ambition.

NASA recently made waves online with the news that they’re in the market to fill the position of planetary protection officer. While the job title might sound like something ripped from the script of a sci-fi movie, the reality of the position is a little less exciting. The job actually entails ensuring that the stuff we send to outer space is clean and germ-free so humans don’t end up contaminating planets when they land rovers, ships, and such.

Fourth-grader Jack Davis was one of many to jump at the opportunity based on the title alone. He’ll probably balk at the reality of the job (scrubbing spaceships?), but it’s nice to know he’s at the ready should we ever need to protect our planet from aliens.

He quickly sent NASA a letter applying for the gig, and, preteen or not, he makes a convincing case for employment.

Image via millamber/Reddit.

I think we can also add "nice handwriting" to the list of qualifications young Jack has going for him.

The letter reads:

“Dear NASA:

My name is Jack Davis and I would like to apply for the planetary protection officer job. I may be nine but I think I would be fit for the job. One of the reasons is my sister says I am an alien also I have seen almost all the space and alien movies I can see. I have also seen the show Marvel Agents of Shield and hope to see the movie Men in Black. I am great at video games. I am young, so I can learn to think like an Alien.


Jack Davis

Guardian of the Galaxy

Fourth Grade”

Can we just create a position for this kid? Failing that, NASA, can you ship him a copy of “Men in Black”? Sure, he’s allegedly an alien, according to his (unreliable?) sister, but I say we give this human/alien enigma the benefit of the doubt.

I mean, he’s more qualified than this “rocket scientist,” right?

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