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Kim Cattrall Opens Up About the Challenges of Growing Older as an Actress

“I really saw a shift in the kind of roles I was being offered.”

Image via (cc) Flickr user Megan Cole

Kim Cattrall has plenty to say about the perception of older women in the media. Discussing her new Netflix series, Sensitive Skin, on HuffPost Live, the poised actress offered her opinions about how she saw her career change as she grew older. Below are some highlights:

“In my middle to late 30s I really saw a shift in the kind of roles I was being offered. And it was no longer the leading roles, it was sort of a two-dimensional character. Or the wacky aunt. I [didn’t] want to go into the next decade not playing fully realized characters.”

“For me, I had this juggernaut of Sex and the City where I was playing Samantha Jones, who was always in her forties. Which, in 1999, you know, 40s was like 60 … people were like ‘Oh, 40s … you’re not married, uh oh!’ There was a lot of judgment at that time.”

“Now we’ve stretched that … Samantha Jones turned 50 in the movie. And she was celebrating! She wasn’t hiding in the bathroom crying.”

“But this area, of 50-plus, hasn’t really been looked at … I think I was searching for a storyline of a woman my age going through real concerns, real challenges. It’s a scary place to be. You feel very alone.”

“I want to do a show [Sensitive Skin] that is thought provoking … taking on taboos, especially around women … I want to represent women how they are in the real world.”

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