New Video Explains the Earth’s Age Through a Cross-Country Flight

The history of the Earth in less than four minutes.

via Business insider

The Earth is 4.54 billion years old. Even the greatest minds on the planet find it difficult to comprehend such a massive amount of time. So the fine folks over at Business Insider have created a cool video, “If Time Was the Distance Between Los Angeles and New York City.” In less than four minutes, the video makes Earth’s timeline understandable by comparing it to a journey many have taken.

A few mind-blowing highlights:

-- By the time our 747 makes it to the Grand Canyon, the first rocks have developed

-- The first photosynthetic lifeforms appear somewhere over Denver

-- 600 million years ago (when we hit Pennsylvania) multicellular organisms begin to form

-- Right before you hit Jersey, dinosaurs!

-- Somewhere over Madison Square Garden a violent surface disturbance known as the modern human has evolved

(H/T Business Insider )