Levi's Jeans Retire from Legs to Walls

Earlier today, we posted about a pavilion built from outdated Speedos. Last week, Cool Hunting spotlighted a similar effort on the part of Levi Strauss & Co., which used recycled denim to insulate their renovated San Francisco headquarters. Throughout the building, as a testimony to the innovative nature of its construction materials, designers installed plexiglass windows that reveal the denim underneath the surface. The Academy of

Sciences building in Golden Gate Park, re-designed in 2008, also features insulation made from re-used Levi's rather than new materials.

Read the original post on Cool Hunting, and check out Levi's Care to Air Design Challenge. If you have an idea about a more sustainable approach to drying clothes, enter by July 31 to win $10,000.

Photos courtesy of Cool Hunting.