This Small Town Hosts a Beauty Pageant Exclusively for Goats

by Heather Dockray

June 23, 2015
Image via YouTube

For decades, people have criticized women’s beauty pageants for being sexist, commercialized, and exploitative. But while human pageants have taken quite the beating, goat pageants—which, to clarify, are beauty pageants created for goats—have only risen in popularity. Just recently, the village of Ramygala, Lithuania hosted its annual, cutthroat, and competitive goat beauty pageant. Competition was stiff—seven goats competed in the beard competition alone—before the judges ultimately handed the crown to Marce, a “handsome dark goat.”  Many goats were gruff about the decision, but such is the nature of goats.

Ramygala’s goat pageant tradition goes way back into the village’s 674-year history. While goat pageants may appear bizarre to most people on planet earth, for the residents of this small Lithuanian town, the tradition makes total sense. As Marius Daniela, a resident of the town explained: “There are many beauty contests for girls—why not for goats?” With its annual, well-attended goat festival, Ramygala is doing its small part to ensure that goats finally get the same rights as human women.

Goats have been a symbol of Ramygala since medieval times. It is strongly recommended that you watch the video of the event produced by Ukraine Today, below.

(h/t Death and Taxes)

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This Small Town Hosts a Beauty Pageant Exclusively for Goats