Making the Concrete Jungle Beautiful—and Sustainable Making the Concrete Jungle Beautiful—and Sustainable

Making the Concrete Jungle Beautiful—and Sustainable

by Sarah Stankorb

November 10, 2012


TAKTL also makes the option for sustainable materials more attractive. It can be very pretty, with textures like crumpled paper or patterns of vertical tendrils that looks like a field of grass. It comes in a range of gray, white and terracotta, but can be customized in a rainbow of colors. Flannery explains, “We can achieve curve, geometries, subtle textures, and good color that just can’t be achieved in another way.” The ability to mold TAKTL into a variety of shapes has led to a line of outdoor furniture, called SITU, of molded products like benches, lighting, and planters.

Now with a staff of 45, TAKTL’s production line is busy handling the logistics of rolling out building components for structures spanning the U.S., the Middle East and across Europe. Over coming years, TAKTL plans to improve efficiency by getting closer to their projects—literally. By opening additional facilities in proximity to a growing number of buildings for which TAKTL is now the basis of design, they improve their production and delivery time. It’s a big step toward keeping carbon footprint low and being mindful of their rapidly expanding logistical challenges as TAKTL is adopted by increasing numbers of sustainable builders.

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Making the Concrete Jungle Beautiful—and Sustainable