Marilyn Manson’s Tribute to Bowie Is for Every Outcast

‘Every song of his was a way for me to communicate to others.’

Since David Bowie’s death on Sunday, everyone from Iggy Pop to your aunt has come out with their personal feelings about how the artist touched their lives. Marilyn Manson’s brief words on Rolling Stone’s website is a highlight in the new, ever-increasing Bowie tribute genre.

While he had listened to Bowie in the past, Manson says he didn’t really feel inspired by the artist until 1997, when he was driving through the Hollywood Hills, listening to Diamond Dogs. “All of my nostalgia, instantly turned to awe. I was hearing him sing about fiction as a mask to show his naked soul. It changed my life forever.”

Bowie didn’t just influence Manson (both Bowie’s Thin White Duke and Ziggy Stardust eras paved the way for Manson’s theatricality and erotic yet cadaverous mystique), one understands from Manson’s words that Bowie, in essence, saved his life. One outcast signaling to another, through music.

“Every song of his was a way for me to communicate to others. It was a sedative. An Arousal. A love letter I never could have written.”