Mayors Lend a Hand to Create Healthier Cities

Mayors pitch in with the CDC to improve the health of their communities.

Mayor's across the country are partnering with the Center for Disease Control to raise the bar on health in their communities.

The Wall Street Journal reports that

Frustrated with the high cost of health care, a number of communities around the country are taking new steps to push citizens to improve their health. Some places have set 10-year goals to reach certain marks of good health. In San Francisco, for example, 79% of small children currently are fully immunized by the time they turn 2 years old; the county aims to increase that to 90% by 2020. Other places, like Kern County, Calif., which has one of the highest rates of obesity and heart disease in the state, are setting up farmers' markets and constructing new trails and sidewalks to foster healthier lifestyles.


Mayors and city health departments across New York, California, Utah, and Alabama are working with the CDC on public health measures that include monitoring air quality, creating bike paths, and even controlling rats through a rat portal. Take a guess which city that is?