Azure Created Her Own Happiness Azure Created Her Own Happiness

Azure Created Her Own Happiness

by GOOD Partner

March 9, 2014

Finding herself uninspired at her HR job, 31-year-old Azure Antoinette from Los Angeles, knew that there had to be more to life. So, when she witnessed a spoken word performance on TV, the poet’s words did more than move her – they awakened Azure’s life-long passion for writing. The next day, she quit her job to pursue a life of creative writing. 

Azure is now a professional poet and writing teacher. Her story is a reminder to women everywhere that women’s voices need to be heard. Check out the video above to hear Azure in her own words, and then share it with people you know who create their own happiness.

GOOD is celebrating International Women’s Day with Gap. Watch & share another remarkable story of how women bring us one stitch closer to a brighter tomorrow. Gap even designed a limited edition t-shirt with a message from Azure: “The way to inspire change is to recognize the wisdom of a woman.” Wear the message – get the shirt today at #WomenInspire

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Azure Created Her Own Happiness