Barack Obama Compares His Wife To Beyoncé In Jay Z Tribute 

by Tod Perry

June 16, 2017
Beyoncé and Michelle Obama

Thursday night, Jay Z became the first hip-hop artist ever inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was honored alongside Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Robert Lamm & James Pankow, and Max Martin. Unfortunately, Jay Z was unable to attend the event because his wife, Beyoncé, is pregnant with twins. But the audience was treated to a speech by President Barack Obama during Jay Z’s induction.

In his speech, Obama shared the similarities between himself and Jay Z. “Nobody who knew us as younger men would have expected us to be where we are today,” Obama said. “We know what it’s like not to have a father around. We know what it’s like not to come from much and to know people who didn’t get the same breaks that we did.” The 44th president also praised Jay Z for supporting up-and-coming artists. “We try to prop open those doors of opportunity so that it’s a little easier for those who come up behind us to succeed as well,” he said.
Obama also drew comparisons between their families. “Jay and I are also fools for our daughters… And let’s face it: We both have wives who are significantly more popular than we are.” He also couldn’t help but make a joke at President Trump’s expense. “So I’m pretty sure I’m still the only president to listen to Jay Z’s music in the Oval Office,” Obama said. “Now, that may change at some point, but I’m pretty sure that’s true now.” 
Although Jay Z was unable to attend the ceremony, he did give an acceptance speech on Twitter by listing the names of rappers who influenced him. 

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Barack Obama Compares His Wife To Beyoncé In Jay Z Tribute