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Milk + Bookies Spreads The Love Of Reading Through “Book-raising” Parties

Milk + Bookies fosters literacy and service learning by providing the tools, resources, and guidance required for children and their peers to host their own Milk + Bookies parties.

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Milk + Bookies was started 10 years ago by mompreneur, Meredith Alexander, with the mission to spread the love of reading and to teach kids the importance of giving back, instilling in them a powerful sense of self-confidence, pride, and goodwill towards others. To date, we have helped raise and donate over 221,276 books to underserved children, organizations, and schools all over the country and inspired more than 57,266 “future philanthropists”.

Milk + Bookies fosters literacy and service learning by providing the tools, resources, and guidance required for children and their peers to host their own Milk + Bookies parties. These parties serve as “book-raisers” where children are invited to choose, inscribe, and donate books to their local peers who are in need and want of appropriate reading material.

In January of 2015, Milk + Bookies expanded their programming by acquiring BookEnds’ School-to-School BookDrive program, and transforming it into the Leader + Readers initiative. The new program is designed to encourage student volunteers in the Los Angeles community to organize book drives to benefit another Los Angeles based “sister” school. The goal of every Leaders + Readers book drive is to flood underserved Los Angeles schools with the books needed to support learning and academic excellence, and to allow students to gain experience with leadership and community service. Currently, Leaders + Readers is the only program of its kind operating in Los Angeles, which has the highest rate of illiteracy out of any major U.S. metropolitan area!

At Milk + Bookies, we live by the motto READ! GIVE! GROW!and we hope children will be set on a path to a life of giving, helping, and sharing in all ways.

If you would like to get your Los Angeles-based school involved, email us. You can also check out our website, or donate to help make a difference and support our mission.

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