Mini-Project: Take a Picture of Your Office Fridge

For one of our earliest Picture Shows, we published Mark Menjivar's photo series of the interiors of people's refrigerators. It got a ridiculous amount of traffic online. Apparently we're a nation of fridge voyeurs.

At any rate, for the first in a series of weekly mini-Projects, we thought we'd duplicate that project with a twist: We want you to use your camera phone to snap a picture of your office fridge. This is a mini-Project, so we're hoping to get submissions within the next few hours.

How to Participate:

1. Use your camera phone or digital camera to take a photograph of the inside of the refrigerator in your office.

2. Email it to us at projects[at]goodinc[dot]com or send it to us on Twitter, using Twitpic or your Twitter app's built-in photo sharing feature.

3. Include as much of the following information as you safely can: your name, your company, the industry you work in, and the city and state you work in. We don't want anyone to lose their jobs, though. If you want to remain anonymous, or can only tell us the city and state, that's fine.

We'll publish the first 10 pictures that come in, and we'll all know a little more about the eating (and fridge hygiene) habits of America's office drones.