Hot off the heels of our New York bash, GOOD is gearing up for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. It turns out throwing parties is a great way to get subscriptions - people will, apparently, do anything for free drinks (or maybe do anything while they're drunk). The numbers don't lie:

Number of subscribers: 617
Number of days to reach our goal at current pace: 3565 (9.76 years)
Number of parties we have scheduled this week: 1
Number of parties we have scheduled next week: 0
Percent chance that our pace slows because of this: 97
Leaders: Millennium Promise (70), Teach for America (70)
Stragglers: Creative Commons(24), City Year(27)

* Dead heat friends. Millennium Promise and TFA are tied. WWF is starting to make moves. It's like watching NASCAR.
* We're as surprised about Creative Commons as the rest of you. They have one of the most active and passionate online communities. When are they going to mobilize the troops?
* GOOD and Reason are moving offices soon. Stay tuned for pictures of the new place.

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