Monkeys Take Over New Delhi

As civilization and the natural world jostle for space, conflicts are unavoidable. In North America we're familiar with the pesky suburban deer or, at worst, the poaching coyote.

But check out what's going on in New Delhi. Five-hundred thousand people move into the city each year, and it's been expanding into monkey habitats. In response the monkeys have decided to simply live in the city. True to form, they're causing trouble.

This piece from the New York Times begins:

"The authorities here managed to do very little about the city's soaring wild monkey population - until the deputy mayor toppled from his terrace to his death as he tried to fend off a gang of the animals."

If and when they catch the monkeys they can't figure out what to do with the refugees because no one wants them in their neighboring forests.

"The lawyer charged by the High Court with ensuring the monkeys' removal said recently that things were as bad as ever, even in some leading hospitals. 'They attack patients who are being rolled inside the hospital, pull out IV tubes and scamper off to drink the fluids,' the lawyer, Meera Bhatia, told Indian journalists."


via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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