More Than Half of Americans Haven't Heard About What's Going on in Egypt

Despite the wall-to-wall coverage of the protests, most Americans aren't paying attention.

Though many of us are glued to the television and internet night and day in the hope that an important piece of news might bubble up out of Egypt, it turns out that many more of us are saying, "What's happening in Egypt?"

According to a new study from the Pew Research Center, a full 52 percent of Americans report hearing "little or nothing" about the protests that have been tearing at the government of Egypt for more than three weeks now. What's more, of that 52 percent, 21 percent think the protests will have a negative effect on America.

Lest you think everyone in America is uninformed, however, the other 48 percent of Pew's survey respondents reported having heard "a lot" about Egypt. And of them, 35 percent believe the protests will be bad for the United States.

More than half of all respondents—58 percent—believe the protests in Egypt "will not have much of an effect on the United States."

photo (cc) via Flickr user Takver