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Mothers Are Increasingly Worried About Extreme Weather

"Last week it was 80 degrees every day. In November. That is really weird. In June, it rained almost every day. In Texas. That is really weird. Not this past Christmas, but the one before, it snowed 2 feet in Dallas. Really weird."
—Mom in Texas
"We had Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. In October this year and last, we had unexpected snowstorm. Then last winter we had no winter."
—Mom in New York
"The last 18 months, we have had terrible sand storms blow into the Phoenix Valley."
—Mom in Arizona
"South Dakota is in a bad drought this year, causing a smaller crop than expected."
—Mom in South Dakota
In preparation for 24 Hours of Reality with the Climate Change Project, The Motherhood conducted a 24-hour online survey of moms across the nation, to gauge their feelings on climate change. More than 150 moms responded, and 78 percent of them said they have experienced extreme or unusual weather in the last year and a half.
Mothers are worried about changes in the weather—70 percent of them. And nearly that many—65 percent—are more worried or a lot more worried than they were three years ago.
For them, climate change is accelerating.
They want to get into action. Seventy percent of women want to learn how they and their family can make a positive difference for our climate.
And they are taking action every day in their own lives—many talked about reducing their energy usage at home, shifting their buying habits, and driving less.
As moms, we are living through unusual and extreme weather, and we want to understand where this is headed and how we can have a positive impact on the outcome for our families.
We’re all in the trenches with our families and communities when extreme weather ruins our plans, damages homes and property values, keeps us from getting to work and school, and endangers lives.
Moms see what is happening with the weather and they wonder, what's next? What are my kids and their kids going to face in the future?
To become a leader in the climate change movement, visit here and pledge your name in support of a better, cleaner tomorrow.\n
Illustration by Corinna Loo \n

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