Spectacular New Footage Reveals The Red Planet's Blue Sunset

Breathtaking NASA images paint Mars in a new, blue light.

On April 15th, NASA’s Curiosity Rover captured a spectacular Martian sunset that looked straight out of a science fiction film. The video, originally shot in black-and-white, was recreated in color by Damia Bouic, a space-imaging enthusiast. In the colorized film, the light around the Sun paints the red Martian landscape in a cool blue hue. This immediately had people asking, “Why does ‘The Red Planet’ turn blue at sunset?”

In the video below, NASA explains why we’d see a lot of blue if we were watching a sunset on Mars.

[quote position="full" is_quote="true"]The blue color near the sun is not caused by clouds of water ice, but by the Martian dust itself. The blue color only becomes apparent near sunrise and sunset when the light has to pass through the largest amount of dust.[/quote]

This begs the question: Do Martians wonder why ‘The Blue Planet’ turns red at sundown?

We share the same sun.