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Neighborday Recap: The 10 Best Things That Happened April 27 2013

This past Saturday, April 27th, marked the first annual Neighborday. In 22 countries around the world, thousands of people reached over their fences and got to know their neighbors. Like many of you who hosted Neighbordays, we found out that the community really wanted and needed this excuse to get together. We were floored by the enthusiasm, creativity, and doing we saw from the GOOD community. Thank you all so much for your participation. You truly made Neighborday a success!

Here at GOOD HQ we do a lot of top 10 lists, so I’ve crafted an initial top 10 best things that happened on Neighborday 2013. These are in no particular order and I am still getting in a bunch of pictures and stories, so don’t be surprised if this becomes a top 100 list by the end of the week. Have your own top moments? Share them in the comments.

10. The fact that Neighborday was celebrated in 22 countries, 38 states and 221 cities, from Casablanca to Dublin to Kalamazoo to Woodstock. Here are some flyers from Brazil. Olá Vizinho!

9. Speaking of Brazil… these Neighboday orange jams made by Márcia at Projeto Vizinhança’s Neighbordayin Sao Paolo. The oranges came from her mother’s backyard. Yum!

8. That time when Jen Crittenden thought that no one would show up to her Neighborday and 60 families came. Cheers to that!

7. This embrace from Erin Guido’s event at BuckBuck in Cleveland, OH.

6. These Neighborday mugs made by Neighbor Agency

5. Thanksgiving happening in spring, in Durham, at a half-mile long table.

4. The dog caricatures made at Juli Palomba’s Neighborday in D.C., reminding everyone that our neighbors aren’t just those with two legs.

3. Free food for neighbors, featuring ice cream from Monica and lemonade from Janae.

2. Rigel Thurston’s neighbor, Lonny, giving a history lesson about their neighborhood in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Polly Thurston)

1. This tweet: because we feel the exact same way.

So there you have it. Neighborday was awesome. We’ll continue to share out exciting stats, photos and stories. Be on the lookout and remember it’s never too early to start planning for Neighborday 2014.

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