Neighborhood Watch

[youtube] healthcare may be closer to becoming a stateside reality, but it won't resemble the European model.The new book Ten Technologies to Save the Planet doesn't really point out anything new in the world of alt-energy. But we thought you might need a refresher on possible energy sources of the future.Inmates at a maximum-security, women's prison outside of New York are helping to train service dogs for Iraq vets with post-traumatic stress disorder.Are they on drugs? Swiss voters make heroin legal for addicts, but choose not to decriminalize pot.Is it more energy efficient to use your laptop while plugged in or with battery power alone? Slate has the answer. They also have a story on the "Long, Slow, Tortuous Death of Zima."From the GOOD Community: Carli touts her new online community of hackers and modders, who repurpose old toys to make prosthetics for young amputees in developing nations. Fittingly, they're called Mod Squad.(Video: It's a British invasion on Youtube, as Monty Python and Wallace and Gromit have launched their own channels. Via Eyeteeth.)