Neo-Nazi Demonstration Cancelled After Organizers Board the Wrong Train

Members of Germany’s ultra-nationalist party went to the wrong city.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

A neo-Nazi demonstration in the German town of Freiburg was thwarted by the idiocy of its own organizers, who boarded a train to the wrong city. Members of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), a neo-Nazi group mostly known for referring to Obama’s inauguration as an “African conquest” of the White House, were on their way to Freiburg for a demonstration in support of a woman who was denied permission to take a qualifying exam for public management based on her association with the NPD.

Apparently, the demonstrators were about to board a train that was already occupied by a far-left group known for making sport of attacking neo-Nazis and neo-Nazi supporters. Police officers, in an effort to avoid a confrontation, redirected the neo-Nazis to an alternate train on another platform. Instead, the demonstrators stayed on the platform and awaited the next train, not bothering to check the destination city. The train took them south, to the city of Mannheim. The neo-Nazis are not owning up to their stupid mistake.

“I don’t know how it happened, but the NPD phoned us up and said they’re not coming, and that they’re on a train to Mannheim,” said police spokesperson Dirk Klose to the Guardian. “The NPD is now saying they went to Mannheim deliberately.”