Netflix Wants to Help Your Kids Go the Heck to Sleep

New five-minute videos let parents promise one more show before bedtime.

via Flickr user Jared Smith

Get them into the boardroom, already—when it comes to bedtime, many children are master negotiators. Now Netflix is giving parents a new tool to help them beat the kids at their own game. The Internet streaming media company has released three new five-minute episodes of their children’s series Dinotrux. With the new shows, “one more episode” means bedtime could be closer than kids think.

A poll conducted by Netflix of 7,300 parents in the U.S., UK, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Mexico finds that 61 percent deal with their kids’ stall tactics at bedtime. The negotiations take up almost 20 minutes each night, according to the poll.

via Netflix

The new episodes might pack the biggest punch in Brazil: Netflix research finds kids are most likely to use the feared “Just five more minutes!” tactic in the South American country. Boa noite, kiddos!

(Via Mashable)