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New Energy Secretary Knows About Energy New Energy Secretary Knows About Energy

New Energy Secretary Knows About Energy

by Andrew Price

December 13, 2008
The internets were abuzz yesterday with the news that Obama is ready to name the physicist Steven Chu as his new energy secretary.Chu (seen here explaining something ridiculously abstract with simple hand gestures) is a 1997 Nobel Laureate and current director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where, according to the New York Times, he's been "a strong supporter of biofuels and solar energy research." In other words, he has a certain degree of expertise in energy issues.In this video, from a clean energy summit last year, Chu demonstrates his passion for preventing climatic catastrophe and his facility with numbers:[
/youtube]The media has latched on to this "Team of Rivals" meme (it's pithy and the built-in historical reference makes you sound smart) but Obama's team might also be called a "meritocracy."
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New Energy Secretary Knows About Energy