Not-President Bill Richardson has abolished the death penalty in New Mexico, a landmark move in our country, which is increasingly turning its back on the ancient ritual of putting to death people who have broken certain laws. Last year, we saw fewer executions in the United States than we'd seen since 1994.It's another move in America's game of catch-up with the rest of the world. All of Europe has banned capital punishment, and we're slowly following suit. New reports of its diminishing impact on crime-prevention, its high cost, and its disproportionate impact on minorities seems to be adding up to a growing sentiment that it's maybe not the best way to right a wrong.Hopefully Maryland will be next, followed swiftly by the remaining 35 (thirty-freaking-five?!) states that have yet to impose such a ban. I think the move he called the "most difficult decision in my political life" might also be one of his best.