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Looking Forward To Staying In This New Year’s Eve? You’re Not Alone

by Kate Ryan

December 30, 2016
Image via Flickr

It should come as no surprise that heading toward 2017, most Americans are already strategizing a diet plan (among other things). But how many Americans are planning on getting one last night of binge drinking in before committing to a healthy lifestyle? And how many are going the saner route by staying home and celebrating in sweats? Luckily, we have an infographic with all the answers to your most pressing questions. WalletHub gathered all the data on New Year’s Eve festivities and found some details about the holiday that might surprise you. For instance, nearly half of all Americans plan to count down to the New Year at home, while a whopping 30 percent fall asleep before the clock strikes midnight (we’ve all been there). Whatever you plan to do this New Year’s Eve, remember that there’s no wrong way to go about it—especially if you’re planning on staying in like this cozy pug.

Keep scrolling for all the best NYE stats. 


Source: WalletHub

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Looking Forward To Staying In This New Year’s Eve? You’re Not Alone